Fight Facebook’s Algorithm and Customise Your Feed and Boost Engagement

As you all know the Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving to provide a better experience for users:

Some  changes to the algorithm have sparked  reactions such as curiosity and worry from Facebook page managers when Facebook said it would be prioritising posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends, panicking that their organic reach would be an even smaller percentage than before.
So how do these changes affect small business owners pages and how can you keep your organic reach engaging in your posts?

Previous Facebook algorithms  used all sorts of math to determine which posts would be shown to users:

  • When its posted
  • Sharing a link over messenger
  • Engagement of the post
  • How informative the post was

Now the new changes to the algorithm mean that feeds will favour ACTIVE interactions such as comment and share.

When considering the types of content that Facebook will favor in  News Feed , it’s important to distinguish between “active” and “passive” interactions.

You need to have content that spurs active interactions such as sharing, commenting, and reacting rather than  “passive” interactions where your fan base just view, hover or click.

Bearing this in mind Facebook have said that it will crack down on “engagement bait” content that begs users for likes and other interactions

Tag someone who looks like this, Comment yes if you love me, like and share if you love me.
No Baiting

So what should you post on your Facebook page to receive active engagement?

Instead of posting content for your brand/product, that individuals interact with, you need to start posting ,for your fan base,  what would they like to see to that would encourage them to comment or share!
Recently it has been proven that produced videos already perform better than both links to blogs and images in terms of active engagement on Facebook, and now Facebook Live video feeds perform better than everything!
Check your Facebook Insights
What does your fan base like best about your brand?


Services brands: A live feed of your recent accomplishment will gain more engagement than a post stating what you do.
Another way to post engaging original content is to create a group for your page, creating a group for your page generates conversation from like minded people.


your fan base will still see your posts in their news feeds if your content is :
  • Original.
  • Informative.
  • Engaging and you have active interactions.
  • Dont use baiting posts.

Happy posting!

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