Chinese Face Map Could Reveal What Your Body is Fighting With

Did you know that your acne could be linked to health issues?

They say that beauty comes from within and when it comes to our skin, the saying couldn’t be truer.

Your Face Tells All

Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body—adults have about 8 pounds and 22 square feet of skin Chinese face mapping theorises that if your skin is not healthy there is likely an issue somewhere else in your body. — be it through poor color, acne breakouts or flakiness. But the ancient art of face mapping takes things to a whole new level.

According to Chinese medicine doctor, Dr. Wang Zheng Hu internal imbalances in our body can show up on our face. These issues can show up in the form of acne, dark circles or rashes.

Although western medical practitioners find little truth to face mapping, many Eastern medicine practicitioners believe otherwise.

It’s been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, however recently  it’s rapidly taking centre stage at spas and clinics.

Here are some of the zones typically mapped in mien shiang and what imbalances in them mean.

1. Forehead – Small Intestine and Bladder

Too much sugar, too much alcohol and a lot of stress can cause small intestine and bladder problems.

To cure these problems you need to start eating more raw food, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol.

2. Around your Eyes- Liver

This can be caused by eating lots of meat or because you’re allergic to certain foods.

If you have been working extra hours, drinking too much coffee and juggling too many commitments, If the half moon-shaped area under the eye is puffy or dark, you are depleting your liver or kidneys by eating too much rich food. And if your ears are redder than your facial skin, you are overworking your adrenal glands. This also applies if the inner corners of the eyes have a sunken, dark  look.

To solve this problem, experts recommend a change in your diet. Start eating more fresh and healthy food, do some exercises like yoga and try meditation.

3. Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys

Alcohol and smoking can definitely cause you kidney problems. Damaged kidneys lead to bad blood circulation and weak heart.

Stop drinking alcohol and drinks that contain lots of sugar. Drink lots of water and fresh juices.

4. Nose – Heart

Bad circulation, polluted air, swollen stomach, gases- all these things can have a bad influence on your heart’s health. High blood pressure can also cause heart problems.

Check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure as often as you can. Start drinking organic green tea, it will help you get rid of the accumulated toxins in your body. Start exercising.

5. Cheeks – Lungs and Kidneys

Though breakouts in this area can be caused by dirt and oil from you phone  or sleeping on your side, they can also be indicative of slow metabolism, low absorption of nutrients (like folic acid and iron) and lung issues,

Since your cheeks are linked to your lungs, breakouts on either side of your face can be related to smoking.

Consuming huge amounts of sugar, smoking, junk food and stress can cause lung and kidney problems.

Start a healthy diet and cut out processed/ junk food.

6. Mouth and Chin – Stomach

Caffeine, alcohol and food that contain lots of fat and sugar can really upset your stomach. Stress and lack of sleep can also cause your stomach problems.

Stay away from processed food. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and drink lots of water.

7. Jaw and Neck – Hormones

Many women experience breakouts in this region of the face around the time of their monthly cycle, as the area links to the ovaries. Hormones do play a role in your skin, but a hormonal imbalance or stress can cause breakouts anywhere on your face.

Too much caffeine and too much salt can cause hormonal imbalance.

Cut down on caffeine and stop putting too much salt in your food. Drink lots of water.

These tips are not meant to replace a doctor’s advice. For best results, consult a naturopathic doctor, licensed dietician, nutritionist, Chinese medicine practitioner or a dermatologist.

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