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Tired of those yo-yo diets that don’t work?

 Struggling to lose weight? Have you been told it’s because of your “age / hormones / metabolism”? Working out hard at the gym but unable to lose that last 5 kgs?

Get healthy with our 21 Day Metabolic Reset and Detox Program.


Our program helps you re balance your hormones and burn bad fat again. The program combines a low-calorie diet with nutritional supplements to support your body during the program. We provide the meal plan, support and nutritional supplements in one package to make it easy for you.

Learn to eat a healthy balanced diet again, as there are NO meal replacements. We have a support & information group on facebook, plus your own program mentor to help you. So many of our friends have had amazing results!

The Metabolic Cure has exited for more than 50 years/ but for most of the time its secret was well kept.

During the 50’s scientists and endocrinoligists researched the field of metabolic diseases. They discovered that in th hypothalamus, the brain`s hidden command centre, some processes can go wrong. In normal circumstances the hypothalamus creates a current account for fat cells, what we eat will get crushed fragmented and finally transformed into energy, if however we dont use much energy-sitting at a desk job, the excess energy is stored  in the current account (the bodys fat cells).

This is a healthy mechanism as it gaurantees our survival

In Case the balance is negative- we consume more energy, we eat little or move a lot the energy reservoirs in the muscles and and in the liver provide this additional energy. Once used then the body gets back to the reserves, now the energy stored in the fat cells will be used and we can continue to move around concentrate…. ( just like a current account. Unfortunately this does not always function flawlessly. Many factors exist that can disturb the metabolism controlled by the hypothalmus, such as rapid change between fasting and excessive eating, stress, traumas, artificial food- additives- yeast extract and sodium glutamate, poisonous metals such as mercury, artificial sweetners such as aspartame or bisphenol A and pithalate, this list and many other factors can lead to a mallfuntioning of the hypothalmus.

It creates a savings account for our fat cells where you make only deposits and no longer runs like a current account.

Thankfully like most diseases of the body this can be reversed.

Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 days: Best diet to lose weight and keep muscle



  • Low calorie Diet only 21 days
  • Encourages long term sustainable healthy habits
  • Removes stubborn fat and protects muscle loss
  • Lots of recipe ideas that the whole family can enjoy


  • Removes healthy monosaturated fats from diet for 21 days.
  • Vegetarians have less protein options for the 21 days.
  • The first 2 loading days you have to flood your body with as many calories as possible.

I have never been a big fan of faddy diets! As I have studied nutrition, I had studied the mechanisms of crash dieting to lose weight and the possible negative effects it could have on the body.

But I have seen so many people try many different diets and found. pretty much, every restrictive diet will make you lose weight initially, but it falls short when you can not maintain a healthy weight when you finish, plus you might also gain extra weight for your troubles!!

So, when I first heard about this 21 day Metabolic diet, I was skeptical

But then I listened intently to the excited ramblings from friends in Germany and decided to investigate further.

I ordered my copy of the book “Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 Days” and acquainted myself with the origins of this diet.

Now that I have tried it myself with my family, I can recommend that if you are looking for the best diet to lose weight in a healthy way, fast, without feeling hungry and to give you a feeling of vitality, then this could be the one for you!

So who are the expert Authors?




Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 days is written by the Arno Schikowsky (Fitness and Nutrition Coach), Dr Rudolf Binder (General Medicine, Naturopath) and Christian Morwold (Professional Sports Trainer) all based in Germany.

Schikowsky writes the foreword which grabs my attention as he mentions that he too wanted to reject the program outright and thought it was complete nonsense, until he started to read more and more success stories.

He states that “the results were so phenomenal that I finally did take a closer look”.

Although these trio of experts in their field, did not create this old diet, they did help shape a new sustainable version of a very old, stricter diet called the HCG Protocol.

So for those of you who are keen to dive straight into the diet itself and don’t need too much explanation, the practical details are in the first 8 pages of the book.

The rest of the 154 page book is broken down into details about the science of the Metabolic Diet and the accompanying nutrition program, combined with homeopathy and supplements plus Recipe ideas for each phase.

If you have any health conditions  then on page 153, you will find a summary of the metabolic diet for your regular medical practitioners perusal.

Easy to follow Pillars!

Dr Binder said the principle of their Metabolic Diet, is based on 7 pillars.

  1. Effective Weightloss due to a sensible balance of energy.
  2. Lasting success by re-setting your weight memory.
  3. Firmer skin and tissue by maintaining or improving your pH balance
  4. Maintaining performance levels by reducing oxidative stress and eliminating toxins.
  5. Positively impacting the immune system by regulating the intestinal flora
  6. Strengthening your body, mind and soul: Omega-3 fatty acids
  7. Changes to your inner self.

The authors state that all of these pillars can be achieved by following the simple steps of the 21 day Metabolic diet and using their recommended “first class, absolutely natural nutritional supplements with no artificial additives”

It’s a big call, but I can confirm that at the end of my 21 day Metabolic diet, I did indeed experience an increase in energy levels, my skin looked great, I lost weight only where i needed to, improved my eating habits and got on top of my chocolate cravings.

Beat those cravings and detoxify the cells!

The authors state that “the goal of the metabolic diet is for a lasting reduction in weight.

It consists of 4 phases: 2 loading days, a minimum 21 day low calorie diet, a 21 day stabilisation phase and a 6 month test phase.

In Phase 2 you will follow a diet regime that involves a reduced caloric intake: 3 meals a day with low fat protein and plenty of vegetables and salad”.

During Phase 2 only, you will be depriving your body of carbohydrates and fats as you will be mobilising this energy from both released stored abnormal fat and also obtained from the high quality Omega 3 supplement.

A bonus for anyone who needs some good ideas to help you plan your healthy meals more effectively, they have provided in the book, 69 pages of recipes.

One of the major points of difference between the old HCG diet and this new Metabolic Diet is that the authors recognised the essential role of micronutrients and their importance to your health.

With the lower calorie intake, combined with the fat loss, the requirements of supplementing with micronutrients is higher. They found that regulating the pH balance, helped with detoxifying the cells and organs, which resulted in firming the skin and health connective tissue.

These supplements also encouraged a healthy gut microbiome , improved the immune system from the added probiotics and fibre plus, offered full antioxidant protection.

If you love to exercise or bodybuild then this is suitable for you too!

The authors state that “sport is not a prerequisite for a good result with the diet. However people who practice sport, reduce more body fat because the energy that is needed for their activities, has to be provided from their stored fat.”

They have created a chapter on Body building and the 21 day Metabolic Diet book for those bodybuilders/athletes that would like to decrease their body fat, but not breakdown muscle.

I love that you have the option to continue exercising during the Metabolic Diet. Results show that the most successful diets include a healthy balance with a sustainable diet, exercise and mindset.

The Metabolic diet does indeed include these factors especially as you start to introduce healthy fats back in Phase 3 and other new foods back in the test phase.

The test phase is a success: Do not return to your old and unhealthy lifestyle!

What I love about this 21 day low calorie diet, is that it shook up my long term habits of eating a large amount of carbs in every meal, with the bonus that I didn’t feel hungry due to the activator and the supplements.

The key to any successful long term change, is the exchange of bad habits for good.

Also, I wasn’t feeling drained of energy, nor did I end up losing muscle tone or lose the weight from my face, neck or chest.


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